Forever curious -- our shoe line was born out of curiosity on how shoes are made. Shoes are part of our everyday lives, they’re both beautiful and functional. They’re just ordinary things that help take us places and give us stories to tell.

If you are passionate about seeing the world, we’ll get along. Like you, we’re not afraid to take wrong turns and we have a desire to challenge ourselves with new experiences and meet people.

We aim to create a community of people who care about every step of the process that’s why aside from bringing shoes that will accompany our customers to their long walks, we also welcome you aboard and sail with us behind the scenes as we celebrate the skills and craftsmanship of our local shoemakers.

Our shoes are handmade by local artisans that care about their craft. We work closely with a fair-wage, family-owned shoe manufacturer in Marikina, Philippines that practices sustainability and cares about their employees' personal and professional growth by providing them comfortable workplace environment.

We believe that a good pair of shoes should be one of your best companions for your travels, whether you’re just taking your dog for a walk around the neighbourhood or exploring an unfamiliar city by foot.